Dr. Sanjiv Chopra


Books By Dr. Sanjiv Chopra

Leadership by Example

Leadership by Example gives you memorable stories that illustrate the ten core principles of effective leadership.  The book is based on Dr. Chopra's highly praised lecture that he has given to tens of thousands of people around the world. 

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Live Better, Live Longer

Every day, you hear about new medical studies touted as the “next big thing that will save your life.” But how can you tell which claims are real and which are bogus? Live Better, Live Longer gives you the answers.

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No matter where we may travel in life we are equipped with three things: our mind, body, and spirit. As we encounter myriad challenges, we must learn to nurture and respect each of these facets of our being.  The mastery of this triune is essential for those seeking to carve out a path of their own choosing—a life where they are captain of their own unique destiny.

My purpose is to fulfill my Dharma to teach medicine, wellbeing, happiness and leadership – the instruments needed to carve out a life that is truly whole.  My soul is nourished by helping others find their path.

I encourage everyone to take what you have been given, taught, and experienced and use it to build a life that is uniquely yours. Do not stand in the shadow of others or wait for knowledge to come to you. Seek it out.  Lead.  Make a difference.

Brotherhood - Dharma, Destiny, and the American Dream

The inspiring story of two brothers who immigrated to America from India and took very different paths to becoming world-renowned healers and teachers.  Their story will fascinate and inspire anyone who still believes in America’s capacity to foster achievement and reward hard work.  

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